Story so far…

Media Bracket is a project started out of the desire to offer the best and newest web design services. In the large sea of websites today, you have to do something special to be remarked. You cannot afford anymore to have a website that resembles the others. You must come up with something fresh, attractive and very comfortable for usage. Since 2013, when we started the bases for this company, we invested a lot of effort and dedication in making sure that we can provide the best solution in this activity niche. Later on, besides design services, we developed furthermore, offering the possibility to create web apps, internet marketing, and graphics creation. We wanted to give our customers the opportunity to find everything they needed in one stop shop.

How do we manage to offer such a broad spectrum of services? We have number of skilled, talented and professional freelancers working with us, who are specialized in their own fields . We are very thorough when it comes to choosing the people that will work on your project, picking only the ones that meet the highest standards of quality and have experience in similar projects. Thus, we make sure that you will enjoy the best services available on the market.

Our Dream… (Vision)

Our vision is to see an online environment with websites that are well-built, with web apps that are user-friendly and useful, everything set in the most attractive and functional design. We achieve this by offering the most reliable services in these fields. Today, a website, app, or everything in connection with the Internet should provide a pleasant experience to the user. Thus, we want to raise awareness of the importance of having a clean website, which is user-friendly and it is easy to explore. By doing so, your website, and business implicit will be more successful. At the same time, we provide freelancers a platform to show their skills and be recognized.


We are here to make our dream of making the Internet a beautiful place come to reality. The entire concept of Media Bracket is to show you that it is possible to have a functional and good looking website at the same time. You don’t have to make any compromises regarding the aesthetic aspect, just to make sure that your site is practical and easy to use. And you don’t have to compromise functionality for the sake of good looks. The specialists we put at your disposal can entwine both, creating solutions that are efficient and in the trends as well.