Top 5 usablity problems found in Websites

Usability problems can not only frustrate visitors but also make a website inaccessible for some people. This can drastically affect the visitor engagement and the user may close the site without spending enough time on the website.

Here are top 5 usability issues :

1. Device & Browser Compatibility

There are a number of browsers out there and we all have our favorite browser, web designer should test the website in different browsers to ensure they render properly in all of them. Without this the website may be unreadable to the user.

With the technology growth the website also needs to run on various device, web designer should target at least the largely used devices so the site renders properly.

2. Site Navigation

Website navigation may seem a easy job, but a lot of thought has to be put into this. Navigation are the paths the user needs to traverse in your website. Well planed paths leads to a good experience and builds good relation.

Now we don’t want your website users to get lost in your site or find a dead end. This can be avoided by proper usage of internal links, navigation bars also including a sitemap page would be useful for advanced users.

 3. Multimedia (over)Usage 

Using multimedia content like flash may make the website look cool and advanced, but if some browser or device cant play the flash/ multimedia content then the user may see nothing and that’s a sure bye bye to your site.

To avoid this whenever there is multimedia, the designer should see that the users are shown a simpler version of the website if the multimedia fails to play. This way the website can convey the intended content to every one who visits.

4. Too Much text and No Images

We all know the that “Too much of anything is bad”.  This holds good for website too, using only text and no images may make the reader think it is very taxing and time consuming.

We also know that “A picture speaks thousand words”, so it is encouraged to use images. However using relevant images and giving text description of the images will always enhance the quality of the read.

5. Other issues

There are many other issues which fails a website to engage their users some of the important ones to take care of are:

  • Irrelevant or duplicate page titles
  • No way to search content on the website
  • usage of pagination
  • Too many of advertisements than the content
  • Quick response mechanism for queries of users

These are some of the basics I think which needs to be addressed for a smooth user experience and thus increasing the chance of converting website visitorto a client.