Why your website needs SEO

There are plenty of reasons why traffic generated through organic (natural) search results is much more effective than any other traffic building strategy for a website.

SEO = better ROI (Return on investments)

This is simple math: Let’s consider you’re building traffic with PPC for your website. If you bid $1 for a single click then 200 visitors will cost you $200/day. That’s massive amount of $6,000 a month or $72,000 a year!

To rank well in organic results of search engines, usually you may need to make one time investment for lifetime, consistent flow of traffic. That’s obviously much less when compared to pay per click traffic.

It’s a known fact that, those days are gone when you were able to generate traffic by bidding 5 or 10cents per click with PPC. The average price for a single click is around $1 according to several reports and of-course the more competitive the keyword (market), the more you will have to pay.

Additionally, according to various surveys, 15-20% clicks on Google or other PPC engines are false. Which means, you’ll pay, but not get any return on those clicks!

SEO = no hassle

If you were doing PPC, then you probably know that you have to track results everyday. You have to add keywords that are converting and remove those which don’t convert so well, constantly check AD copies, keep up with quality score and other factors. PPC requires a lot of hassle because if you missed to track results, you may be actually losing money.

Same with any other strategies. You may actively need to track results for ROI since no other strategy will help generate free traffic other than organic search traffic.

With SEO, you don’t need to keep your eyes opened all time. You can use your time elsewhere. All you need is to maintain rankings, which you already achieved. You can focus more on conversions and other parts of your business.

SEO is more effective than any other strategy

Compare it with any marketing strategy like banner adverts, text link advertising, contextual advertising, or social media, SEO can always generate better quality traffic. However, you’d need minimum investments compared to those strategies of traffic building.

You search for any keyword in search engine only because you’re interested to know around that topic. That means, traffic generated with search engines is always focused and targeted.

SEO = Long term returns

SEO is long-term strategy. As soon as you stop paying PPC bids, or any other paid adverting, your site will stop receiving traffic. While, search engine traffic doesn’t stop just like that.

Organic results = better trust

If you do a quick search, you’ll find many reports and articles showing that people tend to trust organically grown results more than sponsored results. While we all know that ‘search engine business’ itself is supported by paid ads.

The greater the trust equals greater conversion, so organic traffic would require less effort for you to convert.

One investment for all benefits

Majority of search engines have similar algorithm. If you focus on any one-search engine and try to rank there, you can expect traffic from other search engines as well! It often happens that if you rank well on one search engine, you rank well on others, too.

With a single investment, you get double, triple, quadruple, or centuple benefits!

Age does matter!

The older the site you have, the better the rankings and traffic you can expect. That is because search engines algorithm considers age as one of deciding factors. This means less effort is required to rank or maintain your rankings.

Big brands too care for their search rankings.

Everyone loves better rankings, whether it’s a small website owner or big brand. Multi-million dollar brands also pay SEO consultants and SEO companies to improve/maintain their search rankings.